We have been living in a completely new reality for a few months. From day to day we changed our everyday life, stayed at home and turned our attention to the question: what is this about? We follow media reports with anxiety and try to find meaning in snowballing events. With it came fear: for our lives, for the fate of our families.

One of my favorite golden thoughts that accompany me in my life is this: “There are no cases. There are signs.” In my life I always try to read what God writes to me between the lines. In this story I wonder deeply who is writing here: Lord or Satan. I have no doubt that the interpretation of the coronavirus plague like “Lord’s punishment” has nothing to do with the truth. However, replacing the word “Lord” with “Satan” makes new sense of what we’re going through now.

The life taught me humility towards the sin. I know that it weakens our strength in contact with reality, which is why identification and getting rid of what’s practising destruction in our hearts is so important for maintaining harmony in spiritual life. It is not difficult to notice that Europe has been wallowing in a world of consumerism, devoid of spirituality for many years. The loss of moral values increases with postmodern nihilism in culture and art. Uglier, more extravagant and defiant is “prettier”. The media rules the world. The image has become an idol of VIPs. And rust never sleeps. We have weakened our spiritual strength as humanity, allowing Satan to achieve strategic aims: culture, art, spirituality, and of course politics.

If you are trying to convince us now that the coronavirus was brought by bats, it is probably only because the author of this new biological weapon does not have enough imagination to invent a more digestible fairy tale. I also don’t think that the virus could get out of control from someone in the lab due to the irresponsible actions of a scientist at the client’s service. What we participate overnight is the​result of a planned, cynical biological war. More feared because you never know exactly who declared this war. And to whom? It is clear to those who suffer the most. However, the author of this story is probably the one who stands to benefit most from our losses.

What should mothers do in these pestilence days… Every day is an adventure. Children easily accept the conditions changing around them if their mother shows them the good. Christ, dying on the Cross, suffered as much as many Italians do, ending now their lives suffocating in the waiting rooms of the overcrowded hospitals. He died, but His suffering brought the Hope to the mankind for the meaning of life, which will not end after death.

Personally I am not afraid of coronavirus. I silently and humbly accept ways of fate every day, knowing that our life is just one moment, a soap-bubble in space. Death is not the end of life. Let’s talk about it with children, because it is not known how much time is still given to us on this planet. Let us use this time for conversion. Let’s discern our sins and let’s convert to the path of Salvation. Yesterday my younger daughter said that she would like to be already in Heaven because “she really wants to know her great-great-great-great- grandmother, who certainly had a hundred dresses”. I listen to her calmly and wonder how it will be there. A time of deep spiritual reflection has come to us and let Satan’s ambush swing in a good time for mankind, even if it’s going to cost a life. Let’s be ready.

Górki Małe, 22.03.2020